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Wesleyan Church

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The Wesleyan Church Rotifunk-Lungi is one of the many branches of the Wesleyan Church in Sierra Leone.

Located in the Port-Loko district, it is not only located at the outskirt of the capital city, Freetown but also found in a densely populated Islamic community.

Lungi School.jpeg



In the year 2000, Pastor Maxim Yamakata Yuntu Boima, Pastor Umaru, and Pastor Mima Lamboi were sent by the dockyard Church Freetown, to establish a preaching point in Lungi. They came and presented themselves to the then paramount chief PC Komkanda the second, at Mahera village.

They were warmly received as they explained their purpose of visit to the paramount chief. They were sent to the then town chief and court chairman of Rotifunk Community Pa Abdulai Kamara. He welcomes them and receive them well. Later he sent them also to Pa Adekalie for accommodation but by then it was difficult for the Muslims in Rotifunck to accommodate the Christians.

So, Pastor Yunku as a Limba used his influence to communicate with Pa Kasonic at Port Loko road and stated the purpose of their visit.

Pa Kasonic (deceased) being a Christian also received them and accommodated them.

The following week they started their visitation, explaining to people the purpose of their being in Kaffu bullon.They were given a small place where the Muslims used to teach Arabic to their children. They used this place to launch the first Sunday service in Kaffu Bullon with two members present.

The two Pastors, Pastor Umaru and Mimo Lamboi returned back to Freetown and Pastor Yunku Baima in his wisdom decided to establish a primary school as it was difficult to get members in the church and it was accepted by the authorities. 

When the school became populated, he requested for a better place and he was given an unfinish house to accommodate the pupils.

Lungi School.jpeg

In the year 2001 he was given a piece of land by Sonie Koya a Muslim man to build and establish the church and the school.

He used talon mat and trampoline to build a small structure for the school and church at the Abidjan Street. In the same year 2001, he met the authorities again to be given a better land to build a school and the church. But because of the Muslim dominances in the community, they accepted the building of school rather than church

In 2002 the elders of Roti funk agreed to give a piece of land to the Wesleyan church. Pastor Yunku Baima and the leader Patrick S Mansaray were taken to Bombeh village including the authorities to show them a land which they should develop to build a school and church.

Pastor Yunku Baima inform the dockyard church and the elders of the district about the latest development by then Rev. Bamihoma, Rev. Fornah who was the district super-intendent Rev. Philip Sesay and Pa Lompri came to see the land and to make proper agreement with the authorities. The land was surveyed and it amount to five acres. The said land was given to the Wesleyan church by the authorities as a deed of gift.

An amount of two million was presented to the land owner as a sign of appreciation. In 2006 the dockyard church started paying their tithe to the Lungi Wesleyan church for the brushing, falling of palm trees, for the construction of the school as it was the main priority of the community.

Also Dr. Rev. Warren Fornah came from Nigeria in 2007 and contributed an amount of Le 2,500,000 for the same building project.

When pastor Yunku Baima was suspended in 2013, Pastor John Conteh was sent by the district to replace him.   Pastor John in his effort elevated the church from preaching point to an organized church.


What We Do



Divine Services 


Sunday School


Auxillary Group



SUNDAY 10:00 - 12:00 



Lungi School.jpeg



Auxillary Group


Men's Fellowship

This fellowship consist of only men who have come together to support the work of God in the church. 

They hold thanksgiving services annually. 


Women's Fellowship

This fellowship consist of only women who have come together to support the work of God in the church. 

They hold thanksgiving services annually. 


Youth Fellowship

This fellowship consist of both young men and  young women who are zealous in supporting the work of God in the church. 

Christian Booklet
Rev. Dr. Warren Fornah and Mrs. Fornah

Rev. Dr. Warren Fornah & Mrs. Adama Fornah
Resident Pastor

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